Hayden Clark fucks Jayden Tyler’s hot hungry hole

Hayden Clark was about to do his first on screen hardcore scene and Jayden Tyler couldn’t be more excited. With his chiseled abs and firm pecs, this horny college jock turns heads everywhere. When Jayden first met Hayden he was totally hot for his amazing body, but once he got a look at the enormous cock swinging between Hayden’s legs, he knew he had to have it.

Hayden Clark and Jayden Tyler

They both got off on sucking each other’s cocks so much, that they had to 69 so that they could do it together. Before getting down to business, Hayden gave Jayden one hell of a rim job to prepare him for what was to come. Then he worked his monster meat into Jayden’s hungry hole and immediately sent him into ecstasy. Jayden couldn’t get enough while Hayden rode him long and hard. You can tell by the look on Jayden’s face while Hayden is fucking his ass, that he didn’t want it to stop. But Hayden couldn’t hold back any longer and shot his load all over Jayden’s chest, and that got Jayden so hot that he shot his own thick, creamy load all over his own chest too.

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Milo Sommers gets his virgin ass plowed by Nick Sterling

Milo Sommers and Nick Sterling were getting all hot and heavy before the cameras even started to roll. After a hot make out session, Milo reveals that he wants Nick to to be his first. That’s right, Milo is ready to bottom, and Nick’s the lucky stud to top him. What starts out as romantic and passionate kissing, soon turns into a frenzy of lust and hunger. Clothes get ripped off, and Milo begins to suck on Nick’s throbbing cock while anticipating how good it’s going to feel when it thrusts into his virgin ass. Nick returns the favor and sucks Milo’s dick while Milo eats out Nick’s flawless bubble butt.

Milo Sommers gets his virgin ass plowed by Nick SterlingFinally, Milo begs to have Nick inside him. Nick pushes Milo down into a missionary position and penetrates him. Milo utters a moan of pain mixed with ecstacy. It only takes a few strokes before Milo starts wanting more. By the time Milo starts getting fucked doggy style, he is acting like a old pro. Milo’s hole is hungry for more and he sits down on Nick’s fat meat. Nick cant’ take it anymore. He pulls out and comes all over Milo’s butt and back. The feeling of Nick’s white hot cum on his butt, sends Milo over the edge and he squirts his load all over Nick’s chest. This may be the first time Milo has gotten fucked, but I have a feeling it won’t be his last.

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Anthony Cage jerks his cock

Anthony Cage

Anthony Cage is an exhibitionist, and with a body like his, the world is a better place for it. He’s come to America from Rio de Janeiro to learn English and to get some American ass. We asked him why he would be interested in doing porn and he said he loved showing his body off. With that smooth muscular body there’s no reason not to! Everything about him is so hot and sexy. The way he runs his fingers over his chiseled pecs and abs is so sensual. He runs his hands slowly and seductively around the perfect round globes of his ass, teasing his hole, and then he stands before a mirror jerking his big thick cock. It’s so hot to see him look into his own eyes as he feels every inch of his stiff member with his hand, bringing himself closer and closer to climax. Then he shoots his thick creamy load all over the surface of the mirror and you wish you were there helping him do it.

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Cody Lake gets a taste of Caleb Strong’s delicious cum

It starts off very intimate and sensual with Cody Lake and Caleb Strong, like lovers waking after a long night’s slumber, embraced in each other’s arms. But the heat slowly rises. You can’t put two horny guys like this so close to each other without things getting wild.

Cody Lake and Caleb StrongCaleb not only licks and teases Cody’s stiff rod, but he works every inch of the shaft and head with his warm mouth, giving Cody a blowjob like he’s never had before. Then he lays him up against a mirror and fucks his ass with a growing intensity as Cody watches himself get nailed. Caleb takes a break from the hardcore sex to rim Cody’s hot ass and get it ready for another round of pounding. Cody also gets to wrap his lips around Caleb’s hard cock until both of them shoot their loads, and Cody gets a taste of Caleb’s delicious cum.

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Chad Hollon works over Patrick Dunn’s ass

Have you seen Patrick Dunn lately? He’s gone from the sweet, blond boy next door, to a rugged, bearded sexual beast. Chad Hollon, who always looks so hot with his smooth body and handsome features, couldn’t get over Patrick’s new look. They were getting all ready to shoot when Patrick surprised everyone and asked to bottom.

Chad Hollon and Patrick DunnSince it was his first time, we decided to take it slow and have Chad get his cherry ready with some toys, but not before he got in there with his tongue and gave him one hell of a rim job. Patrick almost shot his load from all the anal stimulation, and Chad was ready to bust a nut just looking at Patrick’s hot body. Ramming Patrick’s now hungry hole with his hard throbbing cock was a no brainer. With a little stimulation to Patrick’s nipples, Chad was easily able to bring him to the brink and have him ride the crest until both of them shot huge thick loads of jizz.

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Paolo Perez can’t help but fucking Brett Swanson’s sweet ass

Brett Swanson has really been getting into his live chats. He has such a blast talking with his fans in the open room, but even more fun busting a nut in a nice long one on one session with a horny Randy Blue member, knowing that while he’s getting off so is the person at home. And knowing that a bunch of voyeurs are peeking in on spycam makes his eventual load explosive because he really gets off on being watched.

Paolo Perez and Brett SwansonBut even with all of that, nothing compares to getting a ass full of cock! So, when Paolo Perez stopped by with that huge bulge in his pants, Brett was all about taking things hardcore. As if Paolo wasn’t horned up enough already, Brett’s soft, warm mouth on his raging hard cock was enough to draw a load out of him. But he held back knowing he was gonna tap that sweet ass. Before long he was inside Brett, pounding away while Brett let out those guttural grunts of pleasure, feeling every inch of Paolo’s nice thick cock deep inside his hungry hole. These two had amazing chemistry and Brett’s tight hole got Paolo shooting his thick creamy load all over his hot ass.

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Tommy Corona runs through a hot and heavy workout

Tommy Corona

People are always asking our models how they get such kick ass bodies, so we thought we’d give you our own Randy Blue workout video. And who better to demonstrate the way to rock hard pecs and six pack abs than our newest hottie Tommy Corona. In building a nice bod, you want to make sure you you follow Tommy’s moves, and the most important is working your love muscle. Tommy shows you how to do deep flexing of the biceps and triceps by taking long, broad strokes up and down the shaft of his big thick cock. He wants you to see every move of his musclular body, as his knee bends and pelvic gyrations show off his hot hungry hole. And make sure you stretch while working out. Following Tommy’s lead, you stretch your arms behind your body and spread your ass cheeks far apart as you stretch your hole wide enough to insert a finger or two. And if you do your workout just right, you’ll shoot a huge creamy load all over your tight stomach, just like Tommy.

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Raphael Cedano in his first ever bottoming video

Raphael Cedano looks at Jeremy Walker in amazement and says, ‘that’s a lotta cum’. After Raphael’s first ever bottoming scene, and having Jeremy be the one to bust his cherry, we’re amazed he can even talk. It’s always amazing to see a straight jock top go bottom for the first time, and especially seeing Raphael’s smooth Latino body on all fours ready to receive Jeremy’s huge hard cock.

Raphael Cedano and Jeremy WalkeJeremy made sure he was good and ready by sucking him off and rimming his hot ass. When he first slipped it in, the sounds coming from Raphael were a mixture of pleasure and pain as he experienced something totally new for the very first time. But the hottest part of this hot hardcore video is where Jeremy stops pumping, expecting to give Raphael a bit of a rest, and finds to his surprise that Raphael is in fact backing up onto his cock and humping it with his beautiful bubble butt. Raphael takes it all, and when he’s done, the shower of thick creamy jizz he gets covered in makes it the perfect ending.

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Derek Atlas and Nick Sterling go at it hardcore

Morning wood is a problem that’s plagued mankind for ages. What’s a guy to do when he wakes up with a raging hard on in his shorts and can’t get any relief?  You can ignore it and let it go away by itself, or you can spank it and start your day with a smile. Or, if you’re anything like Derek Atlas, you call your porn model neighbor Nick Sterling over to help you take care of it.

Derek Atlas and Nick SterlingNick sucks Derek’s rock hard cock and rims his hot muscular butt for good measure. Then Derek takes his turn, digging his tongue deep into Nick’s hungry hole, teasing it enough to make Nick practically beg for a cock to get buried deep inside him. These two gay muscular hunks go at it hardcore, with Derek pounding the hell out of Nick’s hot ass.

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Jayden Tyler shows off his muscular physique

Jayden TylerAt just 19, Jayden Tyler is more of a sexual being than most guys his age. With his light brown hair, grey eyes, and a chin strap beard that perfectly frames his handsome face, you can picture this horny college jock jerking off in the locker room while nobody is around. Even in the privacy of the bedroom, he lets his hands roam all over his pecs and abs, which are covered with just a sprinkling of light hairs, and through a treasure trail that leads you to his big meaty cock. He’ll tease a nipple, give his balls a playful tug, and then flip over to finger his hot hole. He knows you’re getting off on watching him and he’s determined to give you one hot fucking show. As he nears orgasm, his face flushes, his breath quickens and his body is covered in a light sheen of sweat, making him look even sexier as he shoots his load all over his tight stomach.

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